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2018-03-23 Installing and training DeepBach on OS X
2018-02-09 TensorFlow with GPU support on NVIDIA GTX 950 in Debian Stretch
2017-10-27 Automatic replication of a mysql/maria database using the Master - Slave mechanism
2017-10-12 Fresh install of Debian 9
2017-09-25 OpenCL - on AMD hardware
2017-08-28 c: json 2 csv
2017-08-28 A Minimal installation for the c-programmer
2017-08-22 Streaming Audio on your LAN
2017-08-17 tikzDevice and knitr
2017-07-30 McmcGlmm first steps
2017-05-30 OpenCL on IntelHD on Debian
2016-12-28 Mainland Africa as a SpatialPolygon
2016-12-13 Merging polygons
2016-09-03 Reducing memory requirements for parallel computing with knitr()
2016-08-16 complex use of match() in R
2016-05-29 Live game vloging
2016-05-04 Send email that have UTF-8 encoded mail headers with perl
2016-02-13 The Sphinx search engine and MySQL
2016-02-02 mod_perl from scratch in 8 simple steps
2016-01-19 Keyboard bindings in EMACS
2016-01-01 Optimize MySQL for speed when the query is non-predictable
2015-12-21 Configuring MySQL - UTF8, partitioned tables, grant
2015-12-20 Why normalisation performs bad on Big Data
2015-06-24 A gentle introduction to MCMC
2015-05-31 Ad hoc use of perlDBI
2015-01-12 EmacsRegExps
2015-01-05 https
2014-09-23 Recursive Functions
2014-09-01 Store tweets in real time
2014-08-20 Avoid sapply
2014-08-19 Avoid Imperative programming constructs in R
2014-07-27 A tricky pitfall in explicit parallelism
2014-07-13 Installing from the testing respository for Rasberry Pi
2014-07-11 Predicting the next query
2014-04-05 Reproducible research and caching
2014-02-26 Solving a problem from the previous millenium
2014-01-22 Creating complex dependent variables
2013-12-26 Arrays in BASH
2013-11-13 SecuringSSH
2013-11-12 Firewall
2013-10-18 Imputation of missing data with R (mi)
2013-10-08 Fuzzy Set QCA
2013-09-20 Getting a new $HOME
2013-08-08 SpiderMonkey: the R package
2013-07-31 Automatically drop large file that are backuped (git-annex)
2013-07-30 Learning chess using software running on Debian GNU/Linux
2013-07-26 Analysing data from physical training sessions
2013-07-14 Valid HTML, RSS and CSS in my blog
2013-07-11 For and the use of vectors in R
2013-07-04 Installing pgfSweave in R 3.0.1
2013-07-02 ssh-agent
2013-06-12 Multicore, the R-package
2013-05-18 Installing Metview on Debian Wheezy
2013-05-18 Creating a complete Debian GNU/Linux chroot
2013-01-02 (manual) Parallelization of R code
2012-12-26 Hyperthreading
2012-12-03 extracting info from html to R
2012-11-15 Finding simular strings
2012-11-06 Finding non-random patterns in time-series
2012-09-26 Running raspberry pi as a server
2012-08-16 Recording songs from Spotify
2012-08-14 Free, secure online backup
2012-08-13 Halevt + git-annex = Auto-syncing with encrypted usb-stick
2012-08-13 Auto-unlocking and auto-mounting LUKS encrypted devices with halevt-mount
2012-07-31 How much RAM do your dæmons use?
2012-07-29 Getting high resolution images from interlaced HD video
2012-07-20 importing data from SCB to R
2012-07-15 git-annex
2012-04-24 Sum by a grouping factor
2012-04-05 Recoding links in RSS
2012-03-09 pgfSweave working again
2012-02-28 Finding the numbers that are absent from an ordered list
2012-01-27 Long labels in graphs: horizontal graphs of factors
2012-01-24 Configuring the index in mutt
2012-01-17 pgfSweave troubleshooting
2012-01-08 pptp
2012-01-01 DVD to Zen Vision W
2011-12-22 Creating matrix with factors
2011-12-22 Multiple variables in one barchart
2011-12-20 Using strings as labels in axis with R
2011-12-12 Creating micro data for teaching SPSS
2011-12-10 Exploring Facebook
2011-10-03 DropBox
2011-08-23 DIY: a minimal VPN
2011-07-28 xmonad
2011-07-21 LVM over LUKS on a USB stick
2011-07-17 backing up with tar
2011-07-15 booting non linux stuff with grub
2011-07-09 $HOME over NFS with wpa_supplicant
2011-07-09 annoying error messages at boot from udev
2011-07-05 Towards the paperless office
2011-06-04 Encoding video for Ipod Touch 4th generation
2011-04-25 LTSP on Debian Squeeze
2011-04-19 Logistic regression in R
2011-04-06 Vectorizing away loops in R
2011-03-04 Johan Söderberg
2011-01-24 Name splitting in SQL
2011-01-23 openLDAP on a home LAN with Debian Lenny
2011-01-21 Convert from PDF to PNG
2011-01-06 git for contributors
2011-01-03 Email: server side
2010-11-28 Digitalising Video Revisited
2010-10-20 Faster redraw with Xorg on radeon 9550
2010-10-20 Teaching R with LaTeX, Beamer and pgfSweave
2010-10-04 Cluster analysis
2010-09-30 For and sapply in R
2010-09-17 Confidence intervals: when not to use them
2010-09-15 mixing text and images in presentations
2010-09-15 blacklisting spammer addresses
2010-09-14 The Net Is The Computer
2010-08-30 LTSP
2010-08-13 Confidence intervals: calculating and ploting them with R
2010-08-13 Encrypt unencrypted local mail
2010-07-26 Notes on the use of pgfSweave
2010-07-22 Vectors and loops in R continued
2010-07-13 Beamer and pgfSweave
2010-07-12 Functions in BASH
2010-07-11 Storing system history in postgresql
2010-07-07 postgresql-timeout
2010-07-07 apache2-hostname
2010-07-07 GRUB-PC Memory allocation failure on old BIOS
2010-06-30 postgreSQL and R
2010-06-29 Vectorized functions vs loops in R
2010-06-01 Installing InfoPage on debian from scratch
2010-05-30 Object orientated programming in PERL applied on program managing Mah-Jong games
2010-05-08 Encryption of files
2010-05-02 BankID with Debian Lenny
2010-04-20 sshfs over a proxied ssh tunnel
2010-04-17 Finding small distances
2010-04-15 Finding hotspots
2010-03-19 Trees in postgresql
2010-03-18 Using RSync over a proxied ssh tunnel
2010-03-08 Three dimensional analysis in R
2010-03-07 Representing Time data in R
2010-02-22 Visualising GIS data in R
2010-02-19 Significant differences between two curves?
2010-02-11 Converting plain text files to postscript (e.g. for printing)
2010-01-20 scripting or not scripting: xrandr
2010-01-11 auto-mounting encrypted usb-sticks
2010-01-11 x11vnc
2009-12-09 The joy of recursive functions: BASH
2009-12-09 updated 2010-02-11 R: apply and friends
2009-03-30 Using UTF8 with PERL
2009-01-23 Recording webb radio (or any streaming audio)
2009-01-12 Mounting NFS on a server behind NAT with SSH
2008-11-19 Creating good-looking screenshots in PDF
2008-08-22 Window manager Ion and screen
2008-08-06 XSL, commonly used syntax
2008-07-10 Encrypt your incoming mails!
2008-06-24 two independent instances of apache-perl
2008-05-07 Going unicode, what do you have to change?
2008-05-05 Faster remote applications with nomachine
2008-01-31 packaging for debian based operating system
2008-01-28 embedded-html-in-muse
2007-12-14 adding fonts to tetex without root access
2007-12-14 emacs as a reader
2007-12-12 sshfs
2007-12-09 email: all the tools in the chain
2007-12-01 managing SMTP while moving across networks
2007-10-30 using-r
2007-10-17 r
2007-09-05 vtun
2007-07-27 debiandoc-sgml, docbook-xml, muse
2007-06-18 Representing trees in SQL
2007-03-10 Advanced SQL
2007-02-16 anti-anti-aliasing fonts used by the UI
2007-01-31 packages I do not want to be without
2007-01-28 peer-to-peer secure remote backup
2007-01-18 syncing the set of installed packages on two computers
2007-01-01 installing modules from CPAN on Debian
2006-12-16 ecasound
2006-12-16 remote controling computers
2006-12-05 gmail
2006-12-05 Reinstalling with apt-get
2006-11-30 greylist
2006-11-17 dvd-burning
2006-11-13 wget over sshfs
2006-11-13 tool chain for post-processing of video
2006-11-13 converting pdf-files from color to gray
2006-11-13 automatic security updates
2006-11-13 mutt, signify and emacsclient

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