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To be really enjoy the benefits of automation, sometimes I need a way to print data that a program has created as pure text. Today it was lists of codes of court cases for a number of courts. For each court R produced a text-file with a list of the relevant case numbers/codes. I wanted a printed version of these text files, and thus needed a good text to postscript converter.

After my conversion to UTF-8 quite some time ago, the old tools, enscript and a2ps was no longer enough for my needs, since they don't handle UTF-8., does though.

for i in *.txt; do paps --font "Freemono 15"  --header "$i" > "$"; done
options('width' = 40)
write.table(paste(names(y), as.character(print(attributes(y)$variable.labels))), file = "foo", col.names = F, row.names = F)
for(i in 1:ncol(y)){
paps --landscape --font="Monospace 10" --columns=3 --encoding="UTF-8" foo >

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